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Know ethnic Goa for realistic experiences

The filthy and rich unique lifestyle of Goa is the real charm which magnetizes travelers to this end. People of all belief exist here in harmony and one can see multiple shades of traditions in a single territory. Their respective customs have been well preserved and nurtured in a keen sense. Although Portuguese had ruled here for a considerable frame of time and have left the country decades back, still the sculptures and culture can be clearly felt in the core of Goan Life.


There is no doubt in the fact that Goans are very religious in Nature. But other than this they are found out to be very liberal and have the great belief in living life. Although the state is populous with Christianity faith, the Hindu majority of Goa has managed to keep up their culture in every sense straight and strong. You can find several Hindu temples and shrines in the state which are very famous amongst the followers and receive the visitors from all over the world.

On one hand, where the Hindus have kept their customs untouched from the influence of Portuguese culture, on the other, Christians have retained ingredients from the ruler’s culture. The multiple shades of religions here adds vividness to Goa’s culture. Since the culture is quite open-minded here, one can wear beachwear, swimming costumes on the shores and beaches. 


The languages spoken here in this state is usually Konkani and Marathi as people living here have migrated from Maharashtra or from Southern side of the Nation. Other than this Kannada, Hindi and Urdu are also spoken here in large majority so to ease communication channels in the city.

Goa is the beach states which have versatile landscapes to adore and endure. Book your Goa Tourism packages from Delhi for real time fun and excitement and experience the real end Vivendi in the most  beautiful state of India.