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Kashmir Houseboat experience – the most placid one

Kashmir is one of the stupendous location especially for those who have’ nt experience luxury yet or are unknown to luxury on waters as well. Kashmir Houseboat Tour Packages are also the most desirable holiday packages these days which are complemented with a heavy snow fall these days.

Imagine a Wood paneled elegant bedroom floating on waters with large number of other facilities in the Houseboats in Kashmir or Srinagar. These are just enough to make your stay worthwhile and memorable. The luxury that you would get in the market hotel even could not match up with these houseboats. The enticing and fantastic view of the lakes, mountain slopes adds charm to your holiday experience. Other than this the sprawling gardens that Srinagar is known for are all visible from these Houseboats.


Kashmir can offer you the experience of the most memorable holidays. Kashmir Houseboats is more lavish than any other type of accommodation that you might have lived in.  Houseboats in Kashmir remain stationary on the Dal lake in a very small island. Available only in Srinagar, Dal Lake, Nagin lake and Jhelum rive, these are exclusively built and very antique in nature. These are made up of deodar wood in which the exterior and interior are highly decorated. These also have intricate carving for which Kashmir is usually famous for. These Houseboats provides a tranquil stay on the lake which is considerably bigger in size and have three to five bedrooms. Along with it a private dining, a spacious icing, a front deck and a rooftop deck is very much desirable. This is the best way through which you can explore the lives of the people who actually lives on lake and have very different kind of lifestyle to experience and live.  

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Top 5 Airlines in USA for Cheap Flight tickets

Flying to USA for holidaying with your family? But not getting reservations for flight tickets in a good airline carrier or finding it typical to get tickets book comfortably, here is the list of top 5 best in class Airlines in USA for booking cheap Flight tickets to the United States of America –

Delta Airlines –

Having extensive domestic and International reach and network, this airline serves almost six continents. It is also one of the oldest brands in the States which is serving the passengers from past eight decades. Moreover it is the only air carrier in the USA to serve flights to all the 50 States.


United Airlines –

This is the same one acquired by terrorist in Sept. 2001 and hence the carrier lost its two flights and several innocent lives as well. They have wide network of flights to all cores of the globe. Chicago, Denver and San Francisco are the main hub for prime Pacific routes. Very soon it is going Include Continental Airline for bringing extensiveness to frequent fliers

Southwest Airlines –

This is one of the lowest cost flight carriers in the States, actively bringing the best of the services and network to the fliers. Southwest Airlines is based in Dallas, Texas and have coverage to almost all prominent locations of the town.

American Airlines –

American Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the world having great network all around the world. It is one of the first airlines to offer loyalty program on such a major scale. It was also one of the most flier friendly carriers on globe having great services to offer.


US Airways –

As it merged with America West, US Airways has increased in size very substantially. Currently, US Airways is has its headquarter in Arizona and its main flying hubs are Charlotte, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Philadelphia.

So, these were some of the best airlines which offer Cheap Business Class Flight to Washington to travel in US. Book now for more rewarding programs.